Author(s): A K Srivastava

Board/University: CBSE — Central Board of Secondary Education

Class: 10

Subject(s): Chemistry

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About the book

VK Publications brings to you resourceful study material for stellar preparation of the Chemistry Exam.

  • For a better understanding of concepts, the text includes: -
    • Significant information in accordance with chapters
    • Activities section
    • Flow Chart of Summary at the end
    • Multiple Assessment (internal assessment)
    • Glossary
  • NCERT Exemplar Questions, Previous Year’s Questions and other Important Questions are added with Topic Wise ‘Sample Questions’ and ‘Practice Questions’.
  • ‘Solved Corner’ includes
    • NCERT Questions and Higher Order Thinking Skills-based Questions.
  • Assessment at the end of every chapter includes:
    • Very Short Answer Questions (VSAQ),
    • Short Answer Questions (SAQ),
    • Long Answer Questions (LAQ),
    • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs),
    • Fill in the blanks,
    • Truth or False,
    • Match the Columns,
    • Assertion-Reason Questions and passage-based Questions
  • To assist in making observations and discoveries, the text includes the ‘Young Scientist’ Section.

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