Indian Economic Development and Introductory Macroeconomics

Author(s): T R Jain, V K Ohri

Board/University: CBSE — Central Board of Secondary Education

Class: 12

Subject(s): Economics

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About the book

VK’s Economics has maintained a distinctive edge over most existing texts in the market. This is our modest claim based on robust acknowledgements from an ever growing readership across all parts of the country, besides several nations in the neighbourhood.

Novel Features of the Text

  • It is SIMPLE,as we work hard on it.
  • It is ILLUSTRATIVE, as we think deep on it.
  • It is ORIGINAL,as we contemplate on it.
  • It is UP-DATED, as we frequently debate upon it.

Plan of the Text

  • Each chapter starts with ‘To Do’ and ‘Focus’. ‘Focus’ gives a glimpse of the central idea while ‘To Do’ displays different sections of the chapter.
  • Sections of a chapter are aligned with different components of the syllabus.
  • Crux of the content is highlighted through Blocks in each chapter of the text.
  • The text has been splashed with pictures to highlight useful information.
  • Power Points and Revision Window offer a quick glance of the subject matter.
  • ‘Exercise’ is tuned to the pattern of examination. Answers to important questions focus on the technique of writing. The exercise includes:
    1. objective type questions (remembering & understanding based questions), divided into nine sections: (a) multiple choice questions, (b) fill in the blanks, (c) true or false, (d) matching/chronological, (e) assertion and reason, (f) Choose the correct alternative, (g) case-based questions, (h) data-based miscellaneous questions, (i) ‘very short answer’ objective type questions
    2. reason-based questions
    3. HOTS & applications
    4. analysis & evaluation
    5. CBSE questions (with answers or reference to the text for answers)
    6. NCERT questions (with hints to answers)
    7. miscellaneous questions (with reference to the text for answers)
  • Ability Zone is a uniquely designed section at the end of the chapter. This raises the difficulty level, of course, but should serve as a critical input for the outstanding learners.

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