Introductory Macroeconomics, Indian Economic Development and Business Studies Book By Poonam Gandhi

Author(s): T R Jain, V K Ohri, Poonam Gandhi

Board/University: CBSE — Central Board of Secondary Education

Class: 12

Subject(s): Economics / Business Studies

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About the book

VK knowledge package, a trio of three bestselling books, is the go-to study source for the CBSE session 2022-2023. The books are curated with in-depth research to offer quality education to the students. The contents of the books contain important terms, different types of questions, and other important sections required for proper learning and revision.

This book bundle includes:

1. Introductory Macroeconomics for CBSE Class 12

2. Indian Economic Development for CBSE Class 12

3. Business Studies by Poonam Gandhi for CBSE Class 12

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