NTA CUET (UG) Practice Paper Economics, History, Political Science, English (Set of 4) Exam Preparation Book 2022 | VK Publications

Board/University: Central Universities / National Testing Agency

Class: CUET (UG)

Subject(s): Economics / English / History / Political Science

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About the book

Economics, History, Political Science & English

  • CUET entrance exam books are fully compliant with the most recent National Testing Agent standards.
  • Each of the 20 full-length practice papers along with answers and explanations.
  • This book includes all typologies of questions including MCQs, with a focus on matching-type, reason, assertion-based, and statement-based questions, map-based, picture-based, and questions based on Chronological order; ensuring a holistic learning experience!< >
  • It helps students to prepare for different themes of history namely ancient, medieval, and modern.
  • It is written with great zeal and alertness to assist students in preparing for the CUET 22.
  • It provides an effective tool for students to access and implement the knowledge they have learned.


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