Xam idea English Book Class 12 | CBSE Board | Chapterwise Question Bank | 2022-23 Exam

Author(s): Editorial Board

Board/University: CBSE — Central Board of Secondary Education

Class: 12

Subject(s): Biology

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About the book

  • CBSE’s latest syllabus is fully incorporated within this book.

  • The book is divided into three sections–Reading skills, Writing skills, and Literature Reader.

  • The section of Reading Skills has been designed to enhance the students’< >inferential, analytical, vocabulary and evaluation skills with objective type< >questions.

  • The Writing Skills section includes an introduction/explanation of each topic, as well as a number of exercises to develop creative thoughts using imagination, allowing students to express themselves creatively through words.

  • The section of Literature Reader includes a detailed explanation of the< >chapter along with the answers of NCERT questions, and solved and< >unsolved questions for the better understanding of the lessons.

  • Questions of different formats have been incorporated which includes Case-based, Competency-based, Open-ended Short Answer, Long Answer and Multiple Choice Questions.

  • Extra unsolved questions are also provided in each section for self-evaluation.

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