Xam idea Sample Papers Simplified Biology | Class 12 for 2023 Board Exam | Latest Sample Papers 2023 (New paper pattern based on CBSE Sample Paper released on 16th September)

Author(s): Editorial Board

Board/University: CBSE — Central Board of Secondary Education

Class: 12

Subject(s): Biology

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About the book

Key Features of the Book

  • This book is based on CBSE's new syllabus and directives (2022-2023). All of the basic concepts & NCERT Textbook's answers are included.

  • Additionally, it includes previous year board questions, Competency-based questions, and NCERT Exemplars. For a full revision of the curriculum, all types of questions are offered, including Multiple Choice Questions, Assertion-Reason questions, Case-based questions, Source-based questions, Passage-based Questions, Very Short Answer Questions, Short Answer Questions, and Long Answer Questions.

  • Solved CBSE Sample Papers and Exam Papers for Terms 1 and 2 (2021-22) are included to assist students in their Exam Preparation.


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